Online Voting for 2021 AIS Awards

On-line judges' voting for 2021 AIS awards is available now and can be entered by clicking here.

A copy of the final version of the paper ballot has been prepared and is available by clicking here. Note that it is not an official ballot and should be used for reference only. If you need a replacement ballot, please contact the Awards Chair rather than printing your own.  

The official ballot has been mailed to all judges.

The Awards Committee and the AIS Board of Directors  have made every effort to see that  irises have the same chance of winning awards as they would have had if we had had voting in 2020. Therefore the HM ballot has introductions from four years, rather than the usual three. That means a bigger ballot than usual for the next few years. Also, for 2021 only, you will be able to vote for twice the usual number of Special  Medals, and there will be twice as many winners. That is, there will be six Wister Medals, and two Dykes Medals and two of each of the other per-class medals.

Michael Reed, Awards Chair